Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thread Show San Diego 2010

The Thread Show was a real success for us and it gave us the opportunity to interface with the end users. These are the actual consumers who purchase a Bo Bo Bag and proudly wear it home.

We have been in business now for about 10 years, and the experience of actually working and talking with both the men and women who purchase our product was invaluable.

The response to Bo Bo’s new Waxed Twill product was phenomenal and we could clearly see that all of our hard work in design and market study is sending our company in the right direction.

There is an astounding $9 billion in handbags sold annually in the United States, with about $3 billion servicing the extremely fickle and important specialty market that we are working hard to conquer. The specialty retailer and the consumer who shops there (wanting to be different from the mass market) is the market segment we are putting all of our efforts toward.

The trendy fashion forward customer at the Thread Show last month validated that we are doing the right stuff, both servicing the specialty market and the consumers who strive to be unique. There is no hard selling…. The customers are telling us we are right.

The key to being successful at specialty and in fashion is to be special. To offer an alternative to what consumers can find in the mass market, including the department stores.

The demand we are seeing first hand is telling us we are ‘Doing the Right Stuff’ and truly designing bags to “Fit Your Lifestyle”. We will continue to work hard on our end to ensure we stay innovative in both our products and how we reach our customers.

Bo Bo Bags, Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle.

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