Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Handbags for Men

There have been many monikers thrown around in the past few years regarding men’s fashion bags. Regardless of what some may think men’s handbags are extremely useful and exemplify a manly, rugged look. Take for instance the Messenger Brief, a cross-body member of the new Bo Bo Bag line and favorite of male customers worldwide. Waxed twill and distressed leather provide a sophisticated, yet “rough and tumble” look indicative of a man-on-the-go who doesn’t fear rain, sleet or rush-hour traffic.

Keeping documents safe in the rain and snow with waxed twill (waterproof) is important on the streets of San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Looking good and fashionable on the streets of any city on the planet is always a must. To achieve maximum usefulness and fashion in the genre of men’s fashion bags, look no further than Bo Bo Bags.

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