Monday, June 7, 2010

BOBO is getting ready for Summer!

All of our new product development is leaving our factory this week. We are really excited over here at Bo Bo in getting these new products in front of our accounts and out to market for all of you by Summer ‘10.

All of the changes and improvements will ensure you love your next Bo Bo Bag more than the one you are wearing right now. We should have pictures of everything for you all to look at by the middle part of the month.

We had a really fun warehouse sale about a week ago and it gave us another chance to network with our fans. Next time around, we will get the news out earlier so more of you can put in on your calendars. The feedback again was terrific and we look forward to the continued growth of the Bo Bo brand and as always, we will continue to listen to all of you to ensure you all are a part of the product you all love to wear.

There are two specials we are currently offering on our Website:

The first we are gearing towards our girl friends. All of the ‘One of a Kind’ Handbags are being discounted at 20% off. We want to make the purchase easier on all of you so you can buy the bag that you want. We are giving you our advertising allowance, so you can wear and share with all of your friends. Get them while they last, as when they are gone we are on to the next.

The second promo is geared towards Fathers Day. As you all know our product is very Unisex, and about 50% of the folks who purchase and wear our Totes & Messengers are Men. We are running a promotion here and are offering all of our Tote Bags and Messengers at 20% off as well through the Fathers Day weekend. So don’t forget your fathers, husbands or any other important man in your life. They will not only love the bag, they will wear it and remember it for years to come.

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